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Inspired By Collaboration

Ekuity Club was inspired by the desire to give unloved and underutilised buildings a new lease of life.  Essentially our mission is to recommission which is great for investors, great for the environment and great for the community.

We repurpose disused tired or redundant spaces to create brilliant spaces to live and work.  Creativity is at the heart of everything we do as we are inspired by innovative design to create aspirational, design led space solutions which are both functional and desirable.

Through collaboration with our investment partners, we leverage investment funds to secure compelling and creative real estate opportunities.  We create value by securing income producing assets with additional, often unexplored enhanced development potential to further uplift capital values.


Values & Experience

Our experience covers a range of property use classes, including prime residential, commercial offices, high street retail, community assets, public houses and boutique hotels.  Alongside our development experience we also have assets under management in key metropolitan cities including London, Manchester and New York.

Aside from our experience more importantly our reputation is built on trust, credibility and understanding with our equity partners, through developing and nurturing established relationships.  Every opportunity brings its own challenges.  Yet we believe our uniqueness is the way in which we manage and navigate those challenges to create added value for us and our investment partners.  


Our client team originates and closely project manages opportunities by enhancing any existing planning, use class or permission already in place to further uplift revenues and capital values to provide additional exit strategies.  Along with our investment partners we can also provide a quick and secure exit for companies and principals who wish to sell a single asset, multi-unit building or completed development.





Ekuity Club is all about building long term relationships so please get in touch to discuss how we can collaborate on exciting real estate investment opportunities.

12-13 Kensington Court
London ​W8 5DN


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